Tip Top Nails

 Provided for Honest Review

This is a bit different for me I know.  I recently reached out to Tip Top Nails, a nail polish company in South Africa because I had read some wonderful things about their polishes from international bloggers and I was interested in seeing if these were polishes I could get in the states.  They very kindly emailed me back and offered to send me a package of their products for me to try out.

I got four delicious polishes, three cremes and one metallic/shimmer finish polish and they also sent me their Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base and Top Coat.  I cannot begin to tell you how great these polishes are.  As a blogger and a nail polish aficionado it is necessary that I have great polishes to use for nail art and stamping and undies!  Who wants to put on two coats of undies on before a glitter topper?  Not this girl.  With these Tip Top Nail lacquers there will be no need to put on two coats!

The formula is the same across the board.  Every single one of the colors they sent were ONE COAT WONDERS!!!  That’s right my lovelies sound the alarms!  Furthermore the creams had no balding, no streaking, and they were beautifully SELF-LEVELING!  I took a picture of the light pink color, Meringue Surprise, on its own because it is pastel and pastel cremes can be notoriously tricky to apply.  Not this one…just look!!



These pictures show ONE COAT of Meringue Surprise with the Tip Top Topcoat (say that three times fast).  *Squeeee!* it’s so shiny and just perfect!!

When I realized how beautifully they applied on the nail I thought to myself, “Self, stop watching re-runs of the Emeril Lagasse show and try these polishes for stamping looks…”  I was completely and utterly blown away.  These polishes are perfect for stamping and I believe they would be perfect for nail art looks as well!  I’m going to show you a few different stamped looks:

Welcome to the Zoo:


Don’t Houndstooth Me:


Random Pattern Skittle:


Polishes used in these manicures:  Tip Top – Maxi Growth Basecoat, Meringue Surprise, Purple Reign, Cherry’s in the Snow, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Maxi Growth Topcoat.

Seriously – even the pink stamped cleanly and clearly.  I am so excited about these.  I emailed Tip Top Nails and while there is not currently a retailer in the US or that exports to the US if you contact them directly they would be happy to sell them to you and ship them out.  You can view there product lineup on their site!!  You can also visit them on facebook!