Hi!  Welcome to Boom Shaka Lacquer.  My name is Relly.  I am a self-proclaimed Indie Nail Polish Addict.  It seems like every day I’m adding to my ever growing collection.  I’ve come a long way from painting my nails a single color ages ago.

I’m also a geek and fangirl of multiple fandoms.  You could usually get me going over Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, The Walking Dead or any number of other movies, television programs and books series.   In fact you might not get me to shut up.

I’m passionate about Indie Nail Polish and all the innovation, beautiful polishes, and stellar customer service that it offers.  Gone are the days where I linger on the nail polish aisles in stores…instead I stalk webpages and Instagram feeds to see what glorious Indie Polishes are available!  I’m actively avoiding using/buying mainstream polishes and have managed to convert my nail polish collection to 80% Indie Polish so far!