Quickie Saturday Post – Featuring Takko Lacquer

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Hello all my gorgeous readers!  How does this beautiful Saturday find you?  It finds me busy busy busy but I wanted to pop by and show you a beautiful Takko Lacquer that I received as a gift from a very sweet friend!  Takkos can be hard to come by but they do pop up second-hand in Facebook groups and there are periodic restocks.  I myself only own two Takko polishes so they are a challenge.  But that’s half the fun of collecting things sometimes!  I know, I know you’re anxious to see the pretty polish.

Here is Nirvana:

Takko Lacquer - Nirvana

Takko Lacquer – Nirvana

Oh this picture just makes me want to go and put it on again.  I wore this some time ago and I can assure you I got many compliments.  This is a gorgeous rich dark turquoise creme base filled with golden flakies.  Sometimes simple and elegant is just the perfect thing to create an amazing look!

Takko Lacquer - Nirvana

Takko Lacquer – Nirvana

This polish was a delight to work with.  The creme base was beautifully self-leveling and went on perfectly.  The flakies spread out evenly across the nail and I didn’t see any issues with the application.  Pictures show two coats plus topcoat.

Polishes used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Takko Lacquer – Nirvana; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat

You absolutely MUST keep watch on the Takko Website and Instagram for updates as restocks are very popular and you’ll definitely want to mark them on your calendars when they occur.  I do not believe this color is officially discontinued but it may be some time before it returns again.

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