Newsflash – Major Lemming Slain in This Year’s Black Friday Sales!

Nothing to Disclose

Hello my adoring public!!  Too much?  Overkill?  Perhaps…

This Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday weekend I took part in the timeless tradition of purchasing things.  Luckily several lovely indie polish makers indulged me and other indie polish addicts with amazing sales and promotions!  Some of them also had major restocks.  Today I’m going to talk about a polish that I woke up in the middle of the night for!  Yes, seriously, the restock was set for MIDNIGHT PST which is THREE IN THE MORNING where I am, yes I set my alarm, yes I was sad that I only scored one polish…but trust me when I say I’ll be setting my alarm any time there’s a restock and I have disposable funds!

So you’re wondering aren’t you?  You want to know what this amazing, sleep-killing, super polish is don’t you?  Well I’m going to tell you in t-minus 2 seconds!  Allow me to show you My Ten Friends (*SQUEE*) Precog!

photo 3


O.M.G. Readers.  OHEMGEE!  Just LOOK at it!  I can barely contain my excitement.  In fact I’ve gone and looked at these pictures several times since I changed my manicure.  I may or may not have taken the bottle out of the polish drawer several times to just gaze at it as well…I’ll never tell!  Ok details are coming.  Precog is a sky blue jelly based polish with a VERY strong gold shimmer throughout.  Add to the mix a plethora of metallic and holographic teal and gold and silver glitters in a myriad of sizes!  Standouts are the small metallic teal hexes and large holographic gold hexes.  Sparkle city!

photo 4


I tried to catch that gold shimmer in my pictures because in my opinion that is one of the things that makes this polish so very unique and beautiful!  The formula and ease of application were out of this world…(hahahaha see what I did there?)  Pictures show two easy coats with no fishing for glitter, no dragging or streakiness and it reached opacity extremely easily.  I probably could have gotten away with one coat!

I cannot wait to get more My Ten Friends nail polishes and I urge you to follow their facebook page and check out their website to keep up to date on all the happenings and to pick yourself up a bottle of their magic polish as well!