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Helloooo again.   I really am trying to make this blog a  focus for me right now!  Plus I felt bad when I realized that I had gone a WHOLE MONTH without talking with you about nail polish and that is simply UNACCEPTABLE!

So let’s get today’s post started with one that surprised me.  A friend of mine sent this to me and of course I was delighted (gifted lacquer?  Uh hello delighted is an understatement).  So I trotted it off to my office and placed it in my to be swatched basket.  So when I took it out and put it on the first thing I noticed was that it dried matte (which was a small surprise just because I didn’t know) so I thought “well cool I’ll show both the matte look and with topcoat to make it shiny.”  So here it is matte:

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Lilac Dreams (No Topcoat)

Gothic Gala Lacquers – Lilac Dreams (No Topcoat)

Now…Lilac Dreams is a purplish-gray based polish with a strong purple shimmer interference.  When it dries matte it’s just lilac satiny perfection!

So then I said to myself, “Self!  Slap some topcoat on this!”  Well, my topcoat had been sitting near the air conditioner all night long so I start swiping it on and I look down and I’m sure that the look of puzzlement on my face was adorable.  I’m like huh why are my nails getting DARKER at the tips?

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Lilac Dreams (with topcoat)

Gothic Gala Lacquers – Lilac Dreams (with topcoat)

So I finish topcoating all my fingers and I’m still completely baffled.  Then suddenly after a few moments of staring and contemplating I have an epiphany (big words for the win).  So I take my fingers and put them in front of the air conditioner for a few moments and this is what I saw:

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Lilac Dreams (cold)

Gothic Gala Lacquers – Lilac Dreams (cold)

Look at that deep rich purple that it turned!!!  That’s right readers, I’m sure you’ve deduced (much like Sherlock and unlike me) that this is a thermal polish.  My only excuse is that I didn’t know.  But I had quite a bit of fun with an ice cube after I figured it out.

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Lilac Dreams (with topcoat and cold tips)

Gothic Gala Lacquers – Lilac Dreams (with topcoat and cold tips)

The formula on this was lovely.  It went on smoothly in two coats and even in the matte finish didn’t show brushstrokes (which I HATE so I was super happy about that).

Polishes used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Gothic Gala Lacquers – Lilac Dreams; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat

I’ve definitely been happy with the Gothic Gala Lacquers I’ve gotten so far and it helps that the maker is super nice and easy to approach.  I really like that as well.  Plus she’s a Whovian and so therefore automatically awesome in my book!  She has a new website which you can visit to keep up to date and to buy your own pretties.  You can also keep up with all the news and cool pictures on her Facebook and Instagram.



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