A Very Special Polish – Featuring Gothic Gala Lacquers

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Dearest readers I’m back today with an extremely special polish to share with you all.  I know that normally I’m giddy and chipper and trust me I’m giddy over this polish but I do want to talk about something else before we get to the pretty!

One of my aunts has almost complete liver failure and she is in need of a liver transplant and all of the associated medical care before and after transplant surgery.  This has galvanized my other aunts into doing something about raising the funds that she will need for her medical and related costs.  We’ve seen our funny and feisty Carolyn Beth’s health diminish and it is heartbreaking.

To help with the fundraising I started a crowdfunding profile on Crowdrise (an amazing site).  You can find out more about Crowdrise here.

I shared that site and the story with one of the Facebook groups I am in and not only did I get some response there but Samantha of Gothic Gala Lacquers approached me with an offer that made me cry.  She offered to make a special polish with proceeds going toward my aunt’s fundraiser!  I *have* that special polish to show you today!

Without further ado allow me to show you Carolyn Beth:

Carolyn Beth

Carolyn Beth

Carolyn Beth (named after my aunt, natch) is a lovely charcoal gray holographic jelly polish sprinkled throughout with red metallic diamonds, hexes, and microglitter as well as white matte dots, hexes, and microglitter.

Carolyn Beth

Carolyn Beth

This polish really went on beautifully.  I made sure to give it a good shake and let it be upside down for a few minutes before applying as there are some medium to larger glitters and I like to make sure they migrate to the top.  I didn’t have to do any fishing and dabbing though and I was able to get a nice spread of glitter on my nails with some very minor manipulation once on the nail.   This is a jelly base but it’s opaque in two coats.  So basically this is every single thing I love about nail polish…jelly and squishy: check!  Holo:  check!  Glitter:  check!

Carolyn Beth - Intentionally Blurred

Carolyn Beth – Intentionally Blurred

This picture I included to show you the gorgeous holo that is in this polish, a sneaky little sunbeam peeked out to allow me to capture it’s loveliness!  Pictures show two coats plus a smoothing top coat mostly out of habit as it was actually not as bumpy as some glitter polishes that have shaped or larger glitters can be, I probably could have gotten away with two coats of HK Girl.

Polishes used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Gothic Gala Lacquers – Carolyn Beth; Carpe Noctem Cosmetics – Glitterslayer; Glisten & Glow – HK Girl

You should definitely check out Gothic Gala Lacquers and go and snag your own bottle of Carolyn Beth (and a bunch of other awesome polish, omg a Doctor Who line?) in her Etsy Shop.  Here is the listing for Carolyn Beth!  Also be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on all the news and happenings!

If you’d like to help our family reach or exceed our fundraising goal you can visit our Crowdrise Fundraiser to donate.



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