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Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Featuring Jindie Nails

Provided for Honest Review

Jindie Nails - Be Someone Cute

Jindie Nails – Be Someone Cute

I betcha thought I forgot about this!  While I’m not doing it EVERY Wednesday anymore if I have something that works I promise I’ll bring it to you!  Today I have an awesome polish (is there any other kind when we talk about this brand?  I mean really?) from Jindie Nails!  Today I have a fun and funky glitter bomb polish that is just so girly and ready for this Pink Wednesday!

Be Someone Cute:

Jindie Nails - Be Someone Cute

Jindie Nails – Be Someone Cute

Just look at all that glitter!  I’m dying here from glitter overload.  Ok, so not really dying that’s a bit of an overstatement.  But, I am totally loving every single little happy glittery part of it!  Be Someone Cute is a hot pink jelly packed with hot pink, black, and white matte tiny glitters.  You can wear it as a topcoat (it’s sheer enough) or you can do like I did and layer it up for full opacity!

Jindie Nails - Be Someone Cute

Jindie Nails – Be Someone Cute

I’m such a sucker for jelly glitter polishes.  This one is a dream to apply and use.  I didn’t have any problem getting the glitter to spread easily and the application itself was very smooth.  Small glitters like this can be a little topcoat hungry but honestly I didn’t find it to be a problem at all but I do use a thick topcoat that does a good job smoothing glitter on its own without a glitter smoother.  This is three thin coats plus topcoat.

Polishes used:  Butter London – Nail Foundation; Jindie Nails – Be Someone Cute; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat.

You can find Jindie Nails here and on facebook and she is also on instagram!  You’ll definitely want to follow on Facebook so that you will know when restocks are happening as her polishes tend to go very fast.


Silly Bee’s Chickadees – Glitter for Good

Provided for Honest Review

Alrighty folks, I am making my comeback with something truly spectacular and awesome!  Not only are you gonna want to see these polishes, because hello nail polish is awesome, but because these polishes are going to do good things in this world.  I think that everyone should try to leave the world a little better than they found it and Silly Bee’s Chickadees is doing just that!  Today I’m just so honored to show you their upcoming Glitter for Good Duo!

Silly Bees Glitter for Good Logo

So let me share what Silly Bee’s Chickadees says about their Glitter for Good program:

Glitter for Good is the driving force behind Silly Bee’s Chickadees. I believe that everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation deserves to sparkle and it is my hope that we will inspire others to do just that. 

Silly Bee’s Chickadees pledges to donate a portion of all sales to organizations with a special focus on empowering and improving the lives of women, children and youth.

Since its inception, Silly Bee’s has supported several worthy organizations including Ronald McDonald House, Cancer Research Institute, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, SPCA of Central Florida, Vested Interest in K9s, and most recently Free Hill Primary and Infant School in Jamaica.

Each quarter, a different organization will be selected to benefit from Glitter for Good. There may also be limited edition polishes which will benefit special events.

As always, Silly Bee’s Chickadees will continue to create the highest quality product while striving to bring joy to its customers. 

I hope you will support us as we launch this new initiative and vision. 

Glitter for Good. Because everyone deserves to sparkle.

For the remainder of the year Silly Bee’s Chickadees has adopted the Tumaini Children’s Village in Kenya, Africa.  One dollar from every bottle spent will go directly to the Tumaini Children’s Village to help support the good work that they do.  See, I told you that this nail polish was going to do good things.

So here is what Silly Bee’s Chickadees shared with me about why they chose Tumaini Children’s Village as their Glitter for Good non-profit for 2014:

Tumaini Children's Village

Tumaini, which means “hope” in Swahili, provides just that for children who may otherwise be living on the street and turning to crime and drug abuse to survive. The home is a safe environment where children can grow and learn to become productive members of society.

Founded in 2010, Tumaini is located in Soy, northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Currently, the orphanage is home to approximately 70 children, ages 6 to 13 in six houses, each watched over by houseparents.

I learned about Tumaini through my sorority sister, whose teenage daughter volunteers there during the summer. I am continuously inspired by young people who serve to make our world a better place. Grace is one of those amazing, selfless young people. 

Of her experiences, Grace says, “I love helping out at the orphanage in Kenya and it makes me realize how blessed I really am and to never take anything for granted. These kids are so well behaved and so appreciative of what they have been given and I am lucky enough to get the chance to meet them. I see the smiles on these faces and I know they are in the right place and are grateful for what little they have.”

So let’s talk about the polish shall we?!  I know that you’re excited to see it!  First up we have Grace, Faith, and Hope.  Naturally this polish is full of inspiration.  It is inspired by Grace the wonderful young woman who spends her summers doing such good work, her friend Faith who is one of the children at the Tumaini Children’s Village, and Hope which is what Tumaini stands for in Swahili:

Silly Bees Chickadees - Faith, Grace, & Hope

Silly Bees Chickadees – Faith, Grace, & Hope (no topcoat)

Faith, Grace, & Hope is a beautiful rich violet matte creme polish with a golden shimmer.  Even this lovely creme sparkles on its own.  It does dry to this waxy matte finish.

Silly Bees Chickadees - Grace, Faith, & Hope (no topcoat)

Silly Bees Chickadees – Grace, Faith, & Hope (no topcoat)

Silly Bees Chickadees - Grace, Faith, & Hope (no topcoat)

Silly Bees Chickadees – Grace, Faith, & Hope (no topcoat)

I’m going to show you it with topcoat in a minute but I’d like to talk about the formula.  I really think that this is a beautiful creme formula.  It self-levels like a dream.  Because of the golden shimmer it does dry with a very slight textured finish, not really textured but not flat smooth either.

Silly Bees Chickadees - Grace, Faith, & Hope (with topcoat)

Silly Bees Chickadees – Grace, Faith, & Hope (with topcoat)

Topcoat smoothed out the fine texture from the finish and I really love the way it looks shiny and while I’m not normally the largest fan of mattes because this polish is not a flat matte but more of a waxy matte finish I really enjoyed the way it looked without topcoat as well.  Pictures show one coat (yes really!) with and without topcoat.

Silly Bees Chickadees - Grace, Faith, & Hope (with topcoat)

Silly Bees Chickadees – Grace, Faith, & Hope (with topcoat)

The second part of the Duo is called Glitter for Good and it pairs wonderfully with Grace, Faith, & Hope:

Silly Bees Chickadees - Glitter for Good

Silly Bees Chickadees – Glitter for Good

Glitter for Good is a yellow gold flakie topcoat.  I love everything about this topcoat.  I can already tell I’ll be using it again and again.  Of course ya’ll know my predilection for all things flakie anyway but wowzers this one really knocks my socks off!

Silly Bees Chickadees - Glitter for Good

Silly Bees Chickadees – Glitter for Good

The formula on this is really great.  The flakies come out in a perfect coating, not too much or too little.  It also dries quite smooth as well!  When Silly Bees Chickadees sent out the blogger packages they included these little golden caviar beads.  I did a little half-moon accent and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Silly Bees Chickadees - Glitter for Good

Silly Bees Chickadees – Glitter for Good

Just look at that macro!  That is just one coat and no hassle or fuss whatsoever!

Polishes used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Silly Bees Chickadees – Grace, Faith, & Hope and Glitter for Good; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat.

This wonderful duo will be available on November 1st.  Individual full sized bottles will be $10 each and it will also be sold as a mini trio with a mini of each of the polishes and a mini bottle of the golden caviar beads.

You can get this duo and a bunch of other great polishes over at Silly Bees Chickadees’ Etsy Store.  You can keep up with all the news and see some amazing pictures and learn more about Glitter for Good over at the Silly Bees’ Website, Facebook, and Instagram!  If you’d like to learn more about the Tumaini Children’s Village and other ways that you can help be sure to visit their website here.


One Year Blogiversary Celebration!!

Dearest readers it’s unbelievable to me that it’s already been a year since I started blogging!  I have learned a lot over the past year and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us.  To celebrate some of my friends have stepped up and offered prizes to a fantastic celebration giveaway.  I also put together some prize packs!  So many winners so much awesome!

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Whew!  That’s a long list of amazing prizes.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and spread the word!  You can enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

Now for some mumbo jumbo stuff I have to say.  The giveaway lasts from today October 1st and will end on October 22nd at 11:59PM.  The terms and conditions are listed on the widget if you’re interested in such things but basically I will select a winner and the winner will have 48hrs to respond or I will choose another winner.  Unless otherwise noted all prizes will be shipped directly from the sponsor. The prizes offered by Me (Boom Shaka Lacquer) were purchased by me and include no product that I received from any company or brand for any purpose.  Unless otherwise noted all prizes will be shipped only to a US Citizen.  Once the prize has been shipped by myself or the sponsor we are no longer responsible for any lost or damaged prizes.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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