Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Featuring Digital Nails!

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Hello my dearest readers!  I hope that today finds you moving closer and closer to Spring.  Are you waiting with bated breath for the cold to end like I am?  I feel more certain than ever that it’s just around the corner.  Already temps are rising here in the South.  There are some interesting things a-brewing here at Boom Shaka Lacquer, including a unique blog collaboration with some of the other amazing bloggers out there.  I can’t wait to share!

Today I’m bringing you a gorgeous polish for our Wednesdays We Wear Pink post.  You ready for pretty polish?  Ok great, this should definitely fit the bill!

I’m telling you right now this is a must have polish!  This is Double Helix:

Digital Nails - Double Helix

Digital Nails – Double Helix

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m in love with this one.  I’ll be honest I’ve had this one awhile, but, the holidays and the move got in the way of me posting about it!  Double Helix is a deep rose color linear holographic polish with rose microflakies.  It’s deep and complex and absolutely beautiful.  I don’t often wear “just” a single color, but I wore this one alone for a week and I got so many compliments!  This is part of her Scientist Pun collection and is based on Rosalind Franklin whose work was hijacked by other scientists who are credited with discovering the double helix shape of DNA.  Definitely not cool!  But this polish recognizes her accomplishments and honors her for her instrumental discoveries!

Digital Nails - Double Helix

Digital Nails – Double Helix

The formula for this polish was absolutely fantastic.  It went on like butter as they say.  Streaks, drags, balding?  Not here I say!  I did use two coats, but honestly I probably could have gotten away with one.  The only thing I will caution against is that as with ALL highly-pigmented polishes (particularly deep pinks, reds, and blues) careful application paired with well-moisturized cuticles will help you with clean up.  These kinds of polishes do like to glom onto cuticles and can be a little trying to clean up if you have any dryness at all.   Pictures show two coats plus my tried and true Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That quick drying topcoat (I love this stuff!).

This polish is not only gorgeous but it’s available in the Digital Nails shop right now!  If you don’t have this one yet, you definitely need it!  Pertinent links below!  So did ya miss me, wonderful readers?  Because I have missed you.  Stay tuned for more Boom Shaka Lacquer and that blogger collaboration series that I teased about earlier!

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