Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Featuring a Fleeting Fancy from NerdLacquer

Nothing to Disclose

Helloooo, Readers!  It’s been so long since I’ve done a Wednesdays We Wear Pink so I think we’re ready for a new one!  Today I’m going to show you one of my NerdLacquer polishes from my collection, Resolutionary!

NerdLacquer – Resolutionary

Resolutionary is a salmon pink crelly filled with all kinds of glittery goodness!  Floating in the crelly base there are tiny metallic gold hexes in a couple of small sizes, a smattering medium-sized metallic magenta hexes, and itsy bitsy teensie metallic magenta dots.

NerdLacquer – Resolutionary

NerdLacquer – Resolutionary

The application on this is lovely.  Pictures show two coats.  No coaxing or fishing for this application.  The larger magenta hexes are sparse this way but I prefer that, I think too many of them would overwhelm everything else.  Honestly, I have gotten really excellent applications from NerdLacquer.  There are just some brands that have nailed the carefully-crafted crelly glitter and NerdLacquer is one of them.

NerdLacquer – Resolutionary

Sadly, I have also included this post in the Fleeting Fancy series since Resolutionary is no longer available.  However, NerdLacquer is still cranking out amazing glitter-bomb polishes.  Make sure to check out the stalker links below:



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