Walker Bait – Dollish Polish

I know!  You are saying to yourself, “she knows that polish is discontinued, she knows it was limited edition…”  I do know, I do, but I couldn’t let another Sunday go by without declaring my love for this polish or the show that inspired it!

I apologize in advance, but my geek is going to show.

Let me give you a little perspective.  I would sit in my corner and pooh-pooh the whole Walking Dead mania with my Doctor Who and Sherlock filled fangirl Pinterest board.  I avoided the show like I would avoid a zombie!

Then, I finally gave in, two months ago.  I could no longer resist all of the wheedling and gushing floods of guts love that my friends were spilling all over their facebook pages and instant messages.  Two episodes in and I’m brandishing a machete in my backyard taking swings at my overgrown hedges to practice chopping down any zombie that crossed my path (Ok that all happened in my mind, I have an active imagination.  Forgive me.)

Ok previous foray into fantasy-land aside I did sit and watch first three seasons of The Walking Dead with all the rabid fascination of a 13-year old girl  who is in love with Justin Bieber.  Within two months I went from “ew, zombies.  I don’t like zombies, I like faeries and Doctor Who and Sherlock!” to “BRING ON THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, BISHES!!!”

Walker Bait by Dollish Polish was released in all of it’s gloriousness last month and I knew I had to have it!  A good friend of mine killed that lemming for me and I ran for my office to put it on as soon as I received it in the mail.  Yes we’re finally talking about nail polish now!

photo (27)


Look at that – isn’t it stunning?  It’s a beautiful olive green base with a hint of sparkle and the best part – it’s a linear holographic polish!  This baby just pops off rainbows of magnificence when you hit the sunlight (or a camera flash).  The picture above shows indirect natural lighting indoors and two coats topped by HK Girl Topcoat.

photo (28)

This picture shows indoors with flash – just look at that holo!  This reminds me, this is one of the things I love about HK Girl, it does not dull holos!  This polish lost none of its scintillating prism powers after applying the topcoat.  There were no application problems whatsoever and it was opaque in two coats.

Thank you for sticking with my long bout of fangirling!  The Walking Dead airs tonight!  You can find out about all the happenings about Dollish Polish on their facebook page (including their upcoming Limited Edition monthly polishes that are going to launch soon).  You can buy Dollish Polish here.

As always I want to know what you think and see those fingertips!  Go take a mani selfie of your Walking Dead inspired manis and post them on my facebook page!