Throwback Thursday!

Nothing to disclose

You may be asking yourself…how is this a throwback when this is a new manicure that I just did this week.  Well I’ll tell you.  THESE polishes that I used for this manicure are what started me down the path of polish addiction!  It was because of a well placed Julep ad while I was lurking around a nail blog wishing I was talented enough to paint my nails the way that the blogger did.  It was just around the first of the year so I decided then and there that I was going to make my New Year’s Resolution to do SOMETHING with my nails as I have been genetically blessed with very healthy, strong nails!

I immediately signed up for Julep and got some dotting tools and some other nail art goodies and started down the path of nail polish and I haven’t looked back.  Then I started following LOTS of blogs.  One of the first manicures that I saw on the blog Manicurator really struck me as a classy way to do a french manicure that isn’t boring or ho-hum in the least.  So for this throwback manicure I’m using the first two “grown up” nail polishes I ever bought to create a manicure inspired by this one by the Manicurator!

photo 2 (5)

First up I did a plain shot of the base color for this manicure.  It’s called Alma and it really is a lovely color but yellow is not really my color as you can see in this plain swatch.  This is two coats with HK Girl Topcoat and I do not ever have any problems with Julep’s formula and I find them really great for nail art.

photo 1 (5)


I jazzed up the tips with a taped off funky french manicure!  I love how tailored and classy this looks!  The tip color is Julep Michelle and is a deep dark teal-leaning navy blue.  This is one coat on the tips and then the whole thing is topped off with HK Girl Topcoat.

photo 3 (4)

PROOF that I can polish my right hand!  I always feel like I’m showing my “swatch” hand and that people may believe that I only polish four fingers all the time but this is not true!  I have a complete manicure 99% of the time!

I hope you enjoyed this funky french nail art, I think it would be an ideal way to make a classic french manicure a little more edgy while still maintaining an office-appropriate palette and style!

You can sign up for Julep’s Subscription Service here (referral link).  It really is a great value and you always have the option to skip a month or they offer you the ability to send that month’s shipment to a friend which is a great way to gift a fun little pick me up to your bestie or send a birthday gift to other polish aficionados!!  The boxes always come gift ready and are packaged very nicely.