Stamping Success!!

I have an exciting bit of news to share with you all!  I was finally successful at my attempts at stamping.  I’ve been practicing so that I can show you some of the fun looks that you can achieve with a little perseverance!

Nail stamps are a fun way to add interest and life to a manicure.  With stamping there is a learning curve, particularly with full pattern stamps but I was doggedly attempting to complete a manicure that I was happy with.  On Sunday I was finally successful!  Eureka!

I will say that you can get started with stamping relatively inexpensively, you can purchase plates and stamping accessories in many places, such as Amazon, the Born Pretty Store, and others.   Also, I discovered that some polishes are just better for stamping than others, and this was a huge part of my learning process.  I believe at least half of the success I had with the manicure I’m going to show is because I used a polish that was suited to stamping!

Let’s get to some pretty pictures!  I used a Bundle Monster plate for this look.  I started with a simple gold base and on my pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers I used the pattern stamp and on my ring finger and thumb I used a glitter topper to add some interest (and also because the pattern didn’t cover my whole thumb!)

photo 1


Pictures show two coats of Bondi – Fool’s and stamped with Essie – Midnight Cami.  The glitter topper is Pahlish – Dust Witch, which I recently reviewed here.

photo 3


As usual I topped the whole thing off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying top coat.  Normally I use Glitter Food whenever I have a glitter topper but with Dust Witch I was able to just have a nice coat of HK Girl to smooth it over, add shine, and protect my hard-won nail art!

photo 2


I’m really very proud of this one and I foresee lots of stamping in my future!!!  I can’t wait to try other combinations and patterns!  Share your stamping stories with me here or on facebook!  I would love to hear about your experiences, and please share your tips I’m still learning!!