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Hello all my lovely readers.  I promised I was back and here I am again!  Today I’m going to show you a pretty mani that has me staring at my nails whenever I think no one is looking!

I started off with a base coat of Indigo Bananas – Immortal Game.  How I never reviewed this for you guys before I do not know!  So let’s start with that.  I’ve actually had this awhile but it is still available on her site.  If you don’t have any Indigo Bananas nail polishes…I urge you to go and change that.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Immortal Game is a turquoise crelly polish filled with glassfleck and a color shifting shimmer.  Honestly, it’s a fantastic stand-alone polish even without nail art…but I can’t control myself sometimes.  I digress!  Back to this polish.  The color-shifting shimmer was extremely shy when I tried to photograph it.  I did get one picture where you can see a little bit of the yummy shimmer.  It’s -much- more prominent in person.

Indigo Bananas – Immortal Game

The application on it was fantastic.  Even though it is packed with glassfleck and shimmer it went on smoothly. First coat is a touch sheer but it was opaque in two coats so I have no complaints with that.  Pictures show two coats plus topcoat.

Indigo Bananas – Immortal Game

So then, I said to myself let’s stamp this.  But then I saw my bottle of Cult Nails – Seduction sitting on my desk (I was testing it out with different things) and I thought…why not add flakies…flakies make every mani better!  So I started by adding a thin coat of Seduction over top of Immortal Game.  Now this darkened the base a bit because Seduction is a flakie topper in a indigo tinted base.  Seduction could not be used alone it’s far too sheer for that, but, it makes an amazing effect topper and is packed with iridescent color shifting flakies.

Indigo Bananas – Immortal Game topped with Cult Nails – Seduction

Then, because as I mentioned I can’t stop (can’t stop won’t stop!) I stamped a pretty lacy image from Moyra Ornaments 03 over top in a magenta creme.  The stamping is subtle particularly with all the glassfleck and flakie action but I’m really pleased with the result.  Because I used a flakie topcoat I used a matte topcoat so that they really pop (matte all the flakies!).

I hope you like this as much as I did.  Unfortunately Cult Nails is no longer in business, but I will include links below for Indigo Bananas.  As usual you can find me on Facebook and Instagram and I love hearing from my readers!

Indigo Bananas WebsiteIndigo Bananas FacebookIndigo Bananas Instagram

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