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Hello my lovelies!  I promised you a post today and I’m going to do a couple of things with this post.  One I’m proclaiming my love of indie polish full volume.  I trust indie polish, I love indie polish, and I support indie polish makers.  Check out the InLinkz below to see a whole bunch of other bloggers who trust indie polish as well!  I did tell you that I would not be frightened away and I will not.  Also, I’m going to show you a new to me brand today as well!

So awhile back in the For the Love of Indies Facebook Group there was a thread asking what brands were on our “Brands to Try but haven’t yet” list.  I answered without hesitation:  Model City Polish.  I’ve long lusted over the gorgeous polishes that this blogger turned maker has been putting out.  However budgets and time being what they are I just hadn’t had a chance to turn my hand to acquiring some.  Well, Nina, the fabulous maker behind MCP said that everyone needed some MCP in their life and sent me and a few others who had mentioned MCP a bottle of polish to try!  This is one of the reasons I love indie polish, makers are interested in what people are saying, they are involved in groups with us, and they are AWESOME.

Now that I’ve got you all worked up don’t let me keep you waiting any longer to see this gorgeousness!  Here is Pour Me Another:

Model City Polish - Pour Me Another

Model City Polish – Pour Me Another

Oh yeah baby.  This polish is so gorgeous.  The holo is so strong with this one it’s unbelievable.  I could not help it I just loved it so much!  The color is a beautiful rich wine-red that leans berry-purple.  This is just juicy and vampy and will be a recurring visitor on my nails in the upcoming fall season!

Model City Polish - Pour Me Another

Model City Polish – Pour Me Another

I mean…just look at how pretty it is.  Application was stunning, smooth, even and everything a nail polish could be.  No dragging, skipping, or balding here no way!  I actually did wear this one for several days after as part of a nail art look and it wore very well.  I had minimal tip wear and no chips even after several days.  And I have to tell you I’m one of those bad bloggers who don’t wear gloves when I wash dishes and I type all the time and I’m generally pretty rough on my hands and nails.  Also topcoat did NOT dull that holo it shone through like a beacon.

Gratuitous Macro Shot:

Model City Polish - Pour Me Another

Model City Polish – Pour Me Another

Oh you wanna see some nail art?  BOOM gotcha covered!

Model City Polish - Pour Me Another (with MOD Lacquer - Baby Flamingo)

Model City Polish – Pour Me Another (with MOD Lacquer – Baby Flamingo)

So first impression of Model City Polish is a great one!  You know what they say about first impressions.  Not only is Nina super nice but her polish is fantastic.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of them!  Tell me what you think in the comments below…what are your favorite Model City Polish colors??  Also don’t forget to visit MCP on Facebook, Instagram, and check out their Shop to get your own if you haven’t got any already or get some more if you do!  Oh, and remember I said she’s a blogger too?  Go check out her blog as well her swatches are just gorgeous!

10 thoughts on “New to Me Brand!!! Model City Polish!

    • Honestly, I was expecting nothing less! I’ve been following MCP’s blog for a long long time and been wanting to add some MCP polishes to my collection. Now I just need to get more!

    • I actually used vinyls! YouPolish makes some chevron vinyls in silver holo vinyl and while I find them too thick to leave on they make fantastic masks because they are the perfect thickness for that!

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