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So my dear faithful readers, I purchased my first Lucky 13 Lacquers in September.   The first two I got were AH-mazing so I knew I’d be getting more, and then fast forward to this week when Kyoti says she’s going to discontinue one of the lines that contained probably my second largest lemming from her shop.  So I now have it in my hot little hands.  I’m going to go on record as saying that I completely blame Mishka from Accio Lacquer  for my growing love and passion for this brand of nail polish!  And before you can say anything about me talking behind Mishka’s back, here’s the conversation I had with her about it:

Me:  I totes blame YOU for my growing obsession with Lucky 13 Lacquers.

Mishka:  LOL! I’ll gladly take full responsibility for that.

See?  I’m fully above board on this one.  Never let it be said that I wasn’t.

Please allow me introduce you to Teal Me I’m Pretty.


I literally just gaze at the bottle and tell it it’s pretty because it IS.  This polish is inspired by Kaylee from Firefly, and may I just say it’s “shiny”.  If you haven’t watched Firefly then shame on you, go do it now, I’ll wait.  Ok no, I won’t wait but just trust me and go watch it.


Teal Me I’m Pretty is a deep, gently blackened teal jelly with multi-colored medium and small hex glitters sprinkled throughout.  The glitters totally remind me of cupcake sprinkles for some reason, I don’t know why but I love it!  Just look at this stunner.  The glitter spread was really nice with no pesky clumping or need to manipulate them in any fashion in order to lay right or look good on the nail.

Picture shows two coats of Teal Me I’m Pretty topped off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl…wait what?  No Glitter Food?  But, Relly, that’s a glitter polish.  Yes, yes I’m aware it is a glitter polish but this polish does not have hungry glitter!  Oh no this glitter is fully satiated and only needs a nice protective top coat!  My theory is that Kyoti puts magic in the bottles…

Me: I’m convinced that Kyoti puts magic in the bottles…

Mishka: She does. I caught her doing it one day.

Me: I KNEW IT!!! Why else would lacquers with SO MUCH GLITTER lay flat without Glitter Food or some other such top coat?  Magic.

Mishka: I think she was trained by unicorns. I haven’t been able to get her to admit it. But I think it’s the truth.

Me: Now that you say it, it seems so obvious.

As you can see this theory is supported by outside evidence.  So to get your own bottle of magic (though I don’t think you can get this particular shade anymore after this week so if you want your own bottle of Teal Me I’m Pretty then, RUN RUN RUN!) you can visit Lucky 13 Lacquer’s site and you can also keep up to date on all the happenin’s on her facebook page.

So do YOU own any Lucky 13 Lacquer?  Tell me how much you love it – or share pics of your manis on my facebook page!

P.S.  Lucky 13 Lacquer is having an AMAZING giveaway right now!  You can visit Lucky 13’s blog and enter to win an entire Nightmare collection in the shortie size (which is a super generous size in my opinion, I love her shortie size better than any other brand’s mini)!!!  Run, don’t walk, and enter to win!


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