Nail Art Inspired by “Tiny”

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Hello all my fantabulous readers!  Sorry I’m a little behind this week.  It’s been a strange one so far to be sure.  For your troubles I’ll have at least two posts this week!

Today I’m going to share a nail art look that was inspired by a friend of mine.  Tiny (this is obviously a nickname) is the daughter of two of my very best friends and is 7 years old.  Recently, Tiny has been wanting to chat online and naturally her parents want to make sure that she’s chatting with safe people so they asked if I would chat with her.  I’m like “Are you kidding, I love kids!”  Tiny is pretty spectacular and she -loves- all things glittery, girly, pink, and loves it when I share my nail art with her.

The other day I asked her for her suggestions on what I should do next and she responded with this sketch:

Tiny’s Nail Art idea Sketch

I said, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”  While I did not recreate it exactly I was heavily inspired by her color choices and design.  For this I turned to the trusty Washed Out 2.0 collection from Bohemian Polish.  I use these so much for nail art it’s not even funny:

Bohemian Polish – Terrapin, Birdie Hop, Long Gone, and Octopus

First I started by painting a base coat of Long Gone and adding a pattern of small white polka dots and then the fun began.

Nail Art inspired by Tiny

Rather than the straight lines that Tiny drew, I thought the whole sketch reminded me of confetti and streamers, so I wanted to make sure I had some curves and curls in there as well.

Nail Art inspired by Tiny

Using Terrapin, Octopus, and Birdie Hop I did some random streamers and curls over the top of the dotted base using a small nail art brush.

Nail Art inspired by Tiny

I was really pleased with how festive, cheerful, and happy this mani came out!  Best part?  Tiny loved it too!

You might see more nail art inspired by Tiny because she gives me lots of ideas and is a very creative little girl.  I’m delighted to be friends with her!

Bohemian Polish

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