Fleeting Fancies – Pahlish – River Song Bespoke Trio

Nothing to Disclose

Hello my dearest readers!  I told you I had some new series of posts to share with you.  Over the years I have collected polishes that for one reason or another didn’t make it to the blog.  Usually because they were discontinued right after I got them, I picked them up in destashes, or they were limited edition.  Now, the polishes I will show you in this series may not be readily available however, they do pop up in second-hand sales in groups or blog sales from time to time so I have decided to go ahead and show you these anyway.

I’m starting this series with a relatively new trio, however, it was part of Pahlish’s Bespoke Batches which are by their very nature limited edition.  Today I am going to share with you the River Song Bespoke Trio!  River Song is hands down one of my favorite Doctor Who characters and I can tell you that when this trio came out I knew I had to have it!

Let’s start with  Penny in the Air:

Pahlish - Penny in the Air

Pahlish – Penny in the Air

Penny in the Air is a beautiful cream colored creme polish with a subtle copper shimmer throughout.  It’s a fantastic neutral with a slight blush from the shimmer.  This is a perfect neutral for me and I struggle with them a lot because I’m pale as can be.  I really loved how this one worked for me.

Pahlish - Penny in the Air

Pahlish – Penny in the Air

Pahlish - Penny in the Air

Pahlish – Penny in the Air

Penny in the Air went on beautifully, flawlessly, and is wonderfully self-leveling.  I tried desperately to capture some of the shimmer and you can kind of see it a little bit.  Trust me though it’s there.  Pictures show two coats plus topcoat.

Next up is My Bespoke Psychopath II:

Pahlish - My Bespoke Psychopath II

Pahlish – My Bespoke Psychopath II

Be still my heart.  I’ve discovered my love for purple in the past couple of years and this one is just really perfect and I don’t have anything else like it in my collection.  Now ya’ll know, because I keep saying it, I prefer holographic polishes that have a little something something extra going on!  This is a purple linear holographic polish with a strong pink shimmer and microflakies.  How could I not love it?

Pahlish - My Bespoke Psychopath II

Pahlish – My Bespoke Psychopath II

The formula on this was absolutely fabulous.  No complaints here whatsoever.  This was almost a one coat wonder, I think had my nails been a little shorter I could have gotten away with one coat.  Pictures show two coats plus topcoat!

Last but certainly not least is Hallucinogenic Lipstick:

Pahlish - Hallucinogenic Lipstick

Pahlish – Hallucinogenic Lipstick

This polish is EVERYTHING.  I love it so much I’m kicking myself for not picking up back up bottle.  Hallucinogenic lipstick is a juicy raspberry jelly polish filled with purple iridescent glitter and some scattered holographic sparks!  I’m totally in love with this.  It’s squishy, gorgeous, and utterly girly.

Pahlish - Hallucinogenic Lipstick

Pahlish – Hallucinogenic Lipstick

I really can’t say enough about the formula on this.  It’s opaque in two coats but retains all the squishiness that I love about jelly polishes.  It’s a smooth application and no issues to report.  It *is* highly pigmented so moisturized cuticles and a patient hand will keep you from having an issue with clean up.

While these are no longer available there are tons of other great Pahlish polishes that are available!  I highly recommend following Pahlish on social media so that you can see all the gorgeous goodies that she has coming up.  Pertinent Links below!

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Until next time my lovely readers, may your days be filled with Glitter and Flakies!

Pahlish – La Belle Endormie

Nothing to Disclose

I have been gravitating toward fall colors lately despite my stubborn claims that I love summer colors and will wear them no matter what because I do love them.  It doesn’t help that these makers keep putting out gorgeous fall colored polishes.  The struggle is real!  Anyway today I’m going to show you a beautiful color that is perfect for fall and winter and is just so classic that you could really get a lot of wear out of it the entire year.

This is Pahlish – La Belle Endormie

Pahlish - La Belle Endormie

Pahlish – La Belle Endormie

La Belle Endormie is a gorgeous dark berry purple jelly so packed with burgundy and gold micro flakies that it reads almost burgundy once on the nail.  It’s a lovely way to wear a dark polish without it being overwhelmingly dark which is something I struggle with since darker harsher colors are just not that great on me personally though I think they look amazing on other people.  I think the strong gold shimmer really keeps it from being too dark.  I keep thinking the same thing about this polish every time I look at it…it’s classy!  It’s classic!  It’s both exciting AND work-appropriate.  This is a polish that is getting everything right in my opinion.

Pahlish - La Belle Endormie

Pahlish – La Belle Endormie

The formula on this was just luscious!  Two easy coats plus topcoat and it practically applied itself.  Despite being a darker polish it cleaned up nicely around the cuticles (I can be a messy polisher!).  There was nothing negative about my experience with this one!

Polishes used:  Tip Top – Toughen Up Basecoat; Pahlish – La Belle Endormie; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat.

You can find Pahlish at her Shop and I believe some stockists as well.  I generally prefer to buy direct from the maker when possible.   In addition to her core collections she does weekly limited runs called “Bespoke Batches” and some of those are really stunning and are truly stalk-worthy!  There are also monthly duos so she’s a very prolific and creative maker who is worth watching and snagging up some pretties from!  You can find out all the news about new polishes on her Facebook page, Instagram, and Blog.

Stamping Success!!

I have an exciting bit of news to share with you all!  I was finally successful at my attempts at stamping.  I’ve been practicing so that I can show you some of the fun looks that you can achieve with a little perseverance!

Nail stamps are a fun way to add interest and life to a manicure.  With stamping there is a learning curve, particularly with full pattern stamps but I was doggedly attempting to complete a manicure that I was happy with.  On Sunday I was finally successful!  Eureka!

I will say that you can get started with stamping relatively inexpensively, you can purchase plates and stamping accessories in many places, such as Amazon, the Born Pretty Store, and others.   Also, I discovered that some polishes are just better for stamping than others, and this was a huge part of my learning process.  I believe at least half of the success I had with the manicure I’m going to show is because I used a polish that was suited to stamping!

Let’s get to some pretty pictures!  I used a Bundle Monster plate for this look.  I started with a simple gold base and on my pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers I used the pattern stamp and on my ring finger and thumb I used a glitter topper to add some interest (and also because the pattern didn’t cover my whole thumb!)

photo 1


Pictures show two coats of Bondi – Fool’s and stamped with Essie – Midnight Cami.  The glitter topper is Pahlish – Dust Witch, which I recently reviewed here.

photo 3


As usual I topped the whole thing off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying top coat.  Normally I use Glitter Food whenever I have a glitter topper but with Dust Witch I was able to just have a nice coat of HK Girl to smooth it over, add shine, and protect my hard-won nail art!

photo 2


I’m really very proud of this one and I foresee lots of stamping in my future!!!  I can’t wait to try other combinations and patterns!  Share your stamping stories with me here or on facebook!  I would love to hear about your experiences, and please share your tips I’m still learning!!


Pahlish – Dark Carnival Duo

Can I just say how much I am really loving Pahlish polishes?  They had been on my “to try” list for awhile and then I won that contest at the beginning of October.  I loved that duo!  So then I had an opportunity to pick up the Dark Carnival Duo and oh my heck!!!  This one is right up my alley!

I’m digging on all the fall-appropriate vampy shades right now and this duo really delivers on deep vampy color!  Let’s get right down to business on these beauties!

photo (30)


photo (31)

First in the duo is the undie polish, Tom Fury, which honestly probably doesn’t get that much credit but I loved it instantly.  It is a deep army green jelly with delightful microflakies in various colors.  The maker’s site says that they are red, charcoal, and taupe!  It dries to this kind of waxy or rubbery finish which is actually quite nice!  Pictures show two coats without top coat.  It gave me absolutely NO application problems and clean up was not difficult at all – no pesky cuticle staining that is so common with dark vampy colors!

photo (29)

photo (32)

Next up is The Dust Witch.  I have a lot of glitter toppers, this is right up there in my top five favorite!!  I can’t wait to try it with all kinds of undies!  I paired it up with Tom Fury and they are definitely meant to be together!  The Dust Witch according to the maker is a clear-based glitter topper with  orange, olive, purple, and melon green metallic glitter as well as melon green dots and purple square glitters!  It went on like a dream – the glitter payoff and spread were as easy peasy as you wish for.  Pictures show one coat over Tom Fury and then topped with Glitter Food and HK Girl!

I have been extremely impressed with the Pahlish polishes that I have tried and I will definitely be snagging up some more of them in the future.  You do have a little time left this evening to snatch up the Dark Carnival duo before it is discontinued!  You can buy Pahlish here and make sure to follow them on facebook to stay up to date on all the Pahlish happenings!




Pahlish – The Great Pumpkin Duo

Remember what I was saying about good luck…yup this duo was another prize that I won in Pahlish’s flash giveaway on her facebook page!


Look at these pretties!  My pictures don’t nearly do them justice let me tell you!  The glitter is Bag of Rocks and the Black shimmery polish is Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch.  These are the first Pahlish polishes I’ve gotten and I must say I was super excited!  I can’t believe the run of luck I’ve been having.  Also can I just say that I’m jazzed as can be that this duo was inspired by “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,”  one of my all time favorite memories of Hallowe’en when I was a child.  So let’s gaze at these lovelies one more time and then I will tell you about them.  Finished?  No?  I’ll give you another moment…


First up is Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch.  I’ll admit I haven’t had good luck with black polishes over all, clean up is frightening, my skin is very pale, sometimes they are streaky and so on.  But, I went opened this bottle with an open mind and an open heart and I was rewarded!  Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch is a delightful black jelly polish that has some amazing things going on, I know I had you at black jelly but really let me continue.  Not only is it a perfect black jelly polish but it is completely filled with microshimmer…and not just ONE color of microshimmer, not TWO colors of microshimmer, but at least THREE colors of microshimmer!  My eyes definitely detect copper, gold, and green microshimmer floating in a deep black sea (Pahlish’s description also indicates that there is pink microshimmer so up that shimmer to category FOUR).  I’m telling you it’s filled with one more thing…win!  There was streakiness in the first coat but a second coat leveled everything out and made my nails look as if they were coated in gel!  Picture shows two coats to gorgeous perfect opacity topped with my beloved Glisten&Glow – HK Girl quick dry topcoat.


Next on the agenda is Bag of Rocks.  I would gladly allow myself to be beaten with a bag of rocks to get this polish…HAHA.  Ok, sorry I let myself go there a minute, I’ll dial it down.  It is obvious that this duo is meant to be together and so therefore together is how I am going to show it.  Bag of Rocks is a mix of tiny silvery metallic dots (I heart dot and circle glitters!) and green metallic squares floating alongside some light green microglitter in a clear base.  This makes it so perfect for layering!  I opted to do a gradient so that I could enjoy both polishes equally, and in fact I ended up wearing this mani for several days I was so happy with how it turned out!  Pics show a VERY lightly dabbed gradient over MSPP if that gives you any indication of how much glitter is packed into this bottle!  I topped the whole thing off with one light coat of Nail Pattern Boldness – Glitter Food and HK Girl.

I’m delighted with this lovely duo and I’m so pleased that I won it.  It will be wonderful in my ever-growing collection of indie polishes!  Go show Pahlish some love on her facebook page and you can check out this duo and her other polishes at her shop.  As always please share your thoughts with me and show off your Pahlish manis on MY facebook page this week!