Boom Shaka Lacquer is Two Years Old! Giveaway Time!

Hello my wonderful and beloved readers!  Thank you so much for sticking with me for this past two years.  I know that I’m not the most prolific blogger out there but I try to bring you a little piece of the things that make me happy when it comes to nail polish.  Plus, I’m always striving to be a little better and to bring you things that I think you will enjoy.  As you know I recently joined the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts – 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge so you’ll be seeing those posts.  I also love the idea of other blogger collaborations so I have a big idea in the works and it’s going to be epic so please stay tuned because I hope you love it as much as I love the idea of it!

To celebrate I decided to do another giveaway.  I reached out to maker friends who very generously donated prizes for YOU.  Without YOU there is no blog.  I’m always blown away by how readily everyone is to help me thank you for being awesome.  Without further fuss let’s get onto the sponsors shall we?

Alchemy Lacquers – 1 Bottle of a Custom Polish created just for this Giveaway and my Blogiversary



Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer – 2 Bottles of In Stock polish of Winner’s Choice!

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Digital Nails – 1 Bottle In-Stock polish of Winner’s Choice!



Firecracker Lacquer – $15 Giftcode for shop!



Gothic Gala Lacquers – Surprise Mystery Prize!



Literary Lacquers – 2 Bottles In-Stock Polish of Winner’s Choice!



Mama Roux Bath and Body – Prize pack including nail and skin care items in Custom Scent created just for this Giveaway and My Blogiversary!




SuperChic Lacquers – 1 Bottle of Monsters In My Closet and 1 Bottle of Lucid LaLa Land from her recent fall collection!



Last but not least from Boom Shaka Lacquer!  Surprise Mystery Prize pack including nail care items, polish, and a gift certificate to Color4Nails!



This year the prizes are all limited to US addresses only.  You can enter this giveaway by using the rafflecopter widget below.  Liking Facebook pages is not required but always appreciated!  There you have it readers.  I hope you’re as excited about this giveaway as I am to be able to offer it!  Here’s to another amazing year for Boom Shaka Lacquer because there is still a lot I want to share with you!



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One Year Blogiversary Celebration!!

Dearest readers it’s unbelievable to me that it’s already been a year since I started blogging!  I have learned a lot over the past year and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us.  To celebrate some of my friends have stepped up and offered prizes to a fantastic celebration giveaway.  I also put together some prize packs!  So many winners so much awesome!

From ME, Boom Shaka Lacquer

3 – Surprise Nail Prize Packs (US Only)

From Glamour Granny


$10 Gift Card to Ulta (US Only)

From Polished Pathology


$25 Gift Card to Etsy (US Only)

From Lacquershine

Surprise Nail Prize Pack (US Only)

From Shelby Lou Nails


Prize Package Shown (US Only)

From Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

Store logo (1)

2 Bottles of Nail Polish – Winner’s Choice (In Stock and US Only)

From Gothic Gala Lacquers


3 Bottles of Nail Polish – Winner’s Choice (In Stock and US Only)

From Jindie Nails


5 – Bottles of Nail Polish – Winner’s Choice (In Stock and US & Canada Only)

From Literary Lacquers


3 Bottles of Nail Polish – Winner’s Choice (In Stock and US Only)

From Emerald & Ash


1 15mL Bottle of Hubble and 1 15mL Bottle of Titty Sprinkles (US & Canada Only)

From Knockout Lacquers

Knockout Giveaway

1 Full Sized Bottle of Topcoat and 1 Full Sized Bottle of VI (US Only)

From Alchemy Lacquers


2 Bottles of Nail Polish – Winner’s Choice (In Stock and US Only)

Whew!  That’s a long list of amazing prizes.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and spread the word!  You can enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

Now for some mumbo jumbo stuff I have to say.  The giveaway lasts from today October 1st and will end on October 22nd at 11:59PM.  The terms and conditions are listed on the widget if you’re interested in such things but basically I will select a winner and the winner will have 48hrs to respond or I will choose another winner.  Unless otherwise noted all prizes will be shipped directly from the sponsor. The prizes offered by Me (Boom Shaka Lacquer) were purchased by me and include no product that I received from any company or brand for any purpose.  Unless otherwise noted all prizes will be shipped only to a US Citizen.  Once the prize has been shipped by myself or the sponsor we are no longer responsible for any lost or damaged prizes.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

*********It has come to my attention that the Blog Comments are closed on this post and I am unable to reverse that, it appears to be some automatic setting that cannot be customized. The Blog Comment entry can be a comment on ANY blog post, doesn’t HAVE to be the Giveaway blog post.*********

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Whaaaaat? Another Giveaway?

So lovely readers I have another amazing giveaway to tell you about!  My Nail Bestie Glamour Granny just celebrated her 2 Year Blogaversary!  So I decided I had to help her celebrate and contributed a fun nail polish package to her AH-Mazing Giveaway!

So let me tell you a little about the prizes:

From ME:  Polish and Nail Art Prize Pack

Glamour Granny Giveaway

Glamour Granny Giveaway

From Big Spoon Lacquers/The Polished Spoon:  Geirangerfjord and Dream Big!

From Jindie Nails:  Freaks at the Fair (A Llarowe – A Box Indied Exclusive!)

From Emerald & Ash:  Zetus Lapetus and Magic Bananas (10mL) and a Cuticle Oil (7mL) in the winner’s choice of scent!

From Carpe Noctem Cosmetics:  Full Size OOAK Dark Sky Blue Holographic Nail Polish!

From Alchemy Lacquers:  Elixir #4!

From Knockout Lacquer:  VI and Gracie Pride!

From Royal Lacquer:  Nail Polish and Vynails prize package!

From Wingdust:  Surprise prize package!

From Glamour Granny:  $10 Ulta GiftCard!

You know you want to enter!  This giveaway started last night!  Definitely want to get your entries in there are some awesome prizes up for grabs!

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Emerald & Ash – Life in Color! (Plus a giveaway!)

Provided for Honest Review

Readers I have some very cool polishes to show you today!  And a review on Cuticle Oil as well!  Emerald & Ash make some really unique and beautiful polishes and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a blogger for this collection!  I have three of the polishes from their upcoming Life in Color collection which is an enormous collection of 13 polishes!  There’s something for EVERYONE in that collection I’m telling you!

Let’s get right down to it then!  First up I have Elevendy Seven.

Emerald & Ash - Elevendy Seven

Emerald & Ash – Elevendy Seven

Elevendy Seven is a beautiful grass green satin finish polish with a strong golden shimmer throughout as well as a smattering of iridescent micro-flakies.  E&A’s description says there’s also a touch of holo as well but unfortunately I live on the Eastern Seaboard so… well…the weather has been pretty dreary the past couple of days therefore I wasn’t able to see the holo but I’m pretty excited to get this one out in the sun and check it out!

Emerald & Ash - Elevendy Seven

Emerald & Ash – Elevendy Seven

The formula on this was lovely.  Two easy coats.  The first coat is slightly sheer but it layer’s up very nicely and is fully opaque at two coats.  I decided that Elevendy Seven and Bees? played really nicely together plus they make me nostalgic as together they are *almost* my high school colors!  I decided to do an accent with the two  of intersecting dots (love this technique it looks so cool but is insanely easy). Products used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Emerald & Ash – Elevendy Seven, Bees?; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat; Dotting Tools; Striping Tape

So let’s segue right on into Bees?

Emerald & Ash - Bees?

Emerald & Ash – Bees?

Were you knocked off your seat?  I know I was because Bees? is a OMG KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF Neon Highlighter Yellow crelly with a fun fuchsia shimmer!  I’ll be honest and say it’s not normally a color that I would have chosen for myself but I think it will be a nice addition to my collection because doesn’t everyone need a neon highlighter yellow polish?  I didn’t think I did but now that I have it I think I do!

Emerald & Ash - Bees?

Emerald & Ash – Bees?

The formula is good for a neon polish in my opinion.  Generally neons are hard to work with and hard to photograph just by nature.  While this one is naturally sheer it does build up and the pictures show three coats plus topcoat.  You could layer it over white and it will pop even more but I found it wasn’t necessary in the same way that it is with other neons.

I will say that before I even swatched it Emerald & Ash had identified an issue with the batch that they send out to bloggers and immediately notified us that there was an issue with some tiny bits of pigment and they are sending out a new bottle.  While mine was very minorly affected I didn’t find it off-putting or an issue at all because topcoat fixed all.  However my respect for the brand doubled because they not only identified a problem but proactively corrected it before everyone even had a chance to test out the polishes.  Anyone who works or deals with indies recognizes that sometimes there are little snafus that happen because these are handmade polishes!  What’s important to me as a consumer is how the brands handle these kinds of little problems that come up.  They are clearly dedicated to quality in their line!  The issue has been identified and future batches will not have this issue.

Products used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Emerald & Ash – Elevendy Seven, Bees?; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat; Dotting Tools; Striping Tape

Next up is my favorite of the lot – maybe a little just because of the name…Titty Sprinkles!!

Emerald & Ash - Titty Sprinkles

Emerald & Ash – Titty Sprinkles

This polish is so changeable.  Every time I look at it it seems a little different.  At first I thought it was a lavender base filled with silver and multi-colored micro-flakies but now I’m not so sure about the base!  Anyway it’s so packed with micro-flakies that it gives a sort of foiled effect and it’s so sparkly!  E&A says that it’s got bright blue, pink, yellow, and white micro-flakies!  You all know how I feel about flakies in general…so yeah loving this one!

Emerald & Ash - Titty Sprinkles

Emerald & Ash – Titty Sprinkles

The formula is amazing.  I could have almost gotten away with one coat but I did two coats plus topcoat for the pictures.  It’s so sparkly and filled with flakies that I thought it might have a slight gritty texture but not at all.

Products used:  Glisten & Glow – Stuck on Blu; Emerald & Ash – Titty Sprinkles; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat

So in the blogger package that I received was a small bottle of their fabulous cuticle oil.  It’s in the Scent of the Month for July – Fresh Cut Grass!  Seriously a wonderful scent that I honestly wasn’t too sure about but it quickly won me over with its fresh clean scent!  I already loved their oils and I took a couple of pictures to show you how nicely it absorbs.  Emerald & Ash have 85 scents but they can be custom blended so the possibilities are truly endless!  Also each one is mixed to order so the scent oils are not sitting in the cuticle oil over time and it always guarantees that you’re going to get a nice fresh bottle.  They’ve specially formulated the oil so that it absorbs quickly without a heavy greasy feeling and I keep a bottle of it at my desk where I apply it obsessively!

Just after application of Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil.

Just after application of Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil.

Five minutes after application of Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil

Five minutes after application of Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil

As you can see while it’s not yet fully absorbed it’s definitely absorbing quickly and moisturizing my cuticles!  I’m in total love with these and I will probably be expanding my collection of E&A oils extensively.

Now the Life in Color collection will be up for pre-order on July 10th.  You can get your own Emerald & Ash polishes and cuticle oils at their Website.  You can keep up to date on all the happenings and news by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram!

But you have a chance to win your OWN bottle of Bees? from me!  Since Emerald & Ash sent out a replacement and I was not fussed with my bottle I decided to go ahead and give one of my lovely readers a chance to win their own bottle of sunshine!  Please enter through the Rafflecopter below.

This contest will end on July 13th.  Prize can only be shipped to a US address, but anyone can win as long as you provide a US address for me to ship to.  Once prize has been shipped I cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged packages.  You must be 18 or Older or have proof that a parent has given you permission to enter.  I will verify entries.

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