Alchemy Lacquers Lab Report – Moonshard Collection – Swatches and Review

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My dearest readers, I cannot wait to show you these gorgeous polishes from Alchemy Lacquers.  I’m sure by now everyone is highly well-versed in the ultrachrome flakie phenomenon.  I waited until I started to see something besides flakies and holo before jumping completely on the wagon because I was skeptical about longevity and what they could truly bring to the table in terms of pretty polish.  But makers quickly starting doing interesting things with the flakies and I was convinced that while the initial craze may die down, these are something that will enhance the polish game for awhile.

Then Rebecca; the amazing, the wonderful, the crazy-busy, the crazy-creative, genius that she is; started working with the flakies and developing gorgeous prototypes that set us all drooling with her sneak peaks.  Now the collection has a name, theme, and is ready to be unleashed upon the masses!  I think I pestered her daily through her entire testing phase.

The Moonshard collection is not a typical collection, it’s going to be released two at a time until they are all released and currently there are eight polishes in the collection, two of which were released at the same time as the Infinity Collection.  Each of the polishes is named after a moon in our solar system.  Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the first two Moonshard polishes!

First up is Calypso:

Alchemy Lacquers - Calypso

Alchemy Lacquers – Calypso

Yes yes yes…everything about this polish is phantasmagorical!  Calypso is a sheer white-ish jelly based polish with a strong shimmering shifty quality of its own.  Then added to that is a healthy dose of holo and ohemgee the flakies!  A whole slew of ultrachrome flakies were added to the mix.  These gorgeous flakies shift from blue to purple to magenta and green.  Stunning.  There really is hardly a way to describe this polish because there is so much going on.  Suffice it to say it’s a must-have.

Alchemy Lacquers - Calypso

Alchemy Lacquers – Calypso

This is a sheer polish, but utterly buildable.  I didn’t have any problems with the formula or application.  The flakies spread out evenly and laid flat on the nail.  Unlike glitter there’s not a heavy texture to these so no special topcoating procedure needed to be done.  Pictures show three coats plus topcoat.

Alchemy Lacquers - Calypso (Macro)

Alchemy Lacquers – Calypso (Macro)

In my opinion that right there is the money shot.  Seriously if this doesn’t send you running to snag up your own bottle of this magic I don’t know what will!

Polishes Used:  Barielle – Nail Rebuilding Protein; Alchemy Lacquers – Calypso; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat.

Next up is Oberon:

Alchemy Lacquers - Oberon

Alchemy Lacquers – Oberon

Oberon is amazing.  This is a metallic teal-based polish that shifts like crazy, is holographic, and oh yes has a healthy mixing of fabulous flakies.  It’s no secret that I’m a glitter junkie.  Not a lick of glitter exists in this polish and yet I am strangely addicted to how beautiful it is!  This is one that I may need back ups of back ups of.

Alchemy Lacquers - Oberon

Alchemy Lacquers – Oberon

Just look at that!  Gorgeous.  Anyway formula on this one was amazing.  Perfect coverage in two coats.  Flakies dispersed nicely throughout the polish.  Sometimes polishes with a strong metallic feel like this one get a little streaky and/or show every flaw on your nail but not this one, it self-leveled like a dream and I had a perfect smooth application.  Pictures show two coats plus topcoat.

Alchemy Lacquers - Oberon (Macro)

Alchemy Lacquers – Oberon (Macro)

Can we just bask in the glory and amazingness of this polish for a few moments?

Polishes Used:  Barielle – Nail Rebuilding Protein; Alchemy Lacquers – Oberon; Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Topcoat.

Well what do you think about the first two releases from the Moonshard Collection?  Hit me up here or on Facebook, I promise I don’t bite…much.  You should totally go and snag these up before the masses catch wind of how gorgeous they are because you know how that goes!  You can find these at Alchemy Lacquers’ Etsy Shop.  If you want to keep up to date on all the news and sneaky peaks of upcoming polishes you should DEFINITELY follow Alchemy Lacquers on Facebook and Instagram.

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